Eminak is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal with open access, presenting the research results of researchers - archaeologists and historians. The journal was established in 2007 by the Scientific Research Centre «Lukomorie» (Mykolaiv, Ukraine) in cooperation with the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The purpose of our journal is to engage in cooperation and attract the attention of experts - archaeologists and historians  to a constructive dialogue on relevant problems of historical science. Exchange of views of various scientific schools representatives, consideration of historical processes in the context of geopolitics, socio-cultural dynamics will allow to develop common approaches in scientific research.

The task of the journal is the publication of works on archaeology, history, ethnology and regional studies, as well as the works devoted to the problems of techniques and methodology of historical science, source analitic study and analitic historiography find their place in the publication. In some cases (for example, a thematic issue, papers on materials of international and all-Ukrainian conferences, etc.) the structure of the issue can be adjusted.

The editorial board supports interdisciplinary research, as well as academic discussions on the pages of the journal, considering it as a platform for presentation of different points of view, ideological concepts, methodological approaches to addressing problems of historical science.

We welcome papers written by professional scholars and practitioners in the following areas:

- archaeology;

- history of international relations;

- actual problems of historical development of countries of the world (political, social, economic, ethnographic, international and other aspects);

- development of ethnic groups in different territories;

- analysis and publication of historical sources (source study);

- theory of historical science (problems of methodology of history, development of scientific schools, etc.).

The issue of the journal «Eminak» can be devoted to a certain topic, chosen by the editorial board, or may contain various papers that are not focused on general subject. All papers submitted to the editorial board should be original and unpublished works.

Our journal is open source, which means all the materials are freely available for users. The materials are published under the international license of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0), so users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, refer to full text papers or use them for any other legitimate purposes, without having to obtain prior permission of the journal or the author.

At the same time, any use presupposes the enforcement of copyright, and when use any journal materials, the link to author, journal, website, etc., should be indicated.