System of Training Teachers for Church Schools in Left-Bank Ukrainian Eparchies of the Russian Empire at the Turn of the 20th Century

Keywords: church and school affairs, church teacher training schools, advanced professional training of teaching staff, left-bank Ukrainian eparchies of the Russian Empire, teachers contingent, pedagogical courses


The purpose of the research paper is to highlight the process of organization and training of teaching staff for church schools in the left-bank Ukrainian eparchies of the Russian Empire at the turn of the 20th century. In particular, to identify and analyze the peculiarities of the functioning of church teacher training schools and professional development courses for teaching staff of the Ecclesiastical Department schools; to find out the specifics of the training, cultural, and educational activities of the Orthodox clergy at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century.

The scientific novelty is in the singling out of the teaching corps as a separate segment of the general issue of church education, which makes it possible to study the system of teacher training. The specifics of the functioning of church teacher training schools and advanced professional training in the left-bank Ukrainian eparchies of the Russian Empire are comprehensively analyzed. Mechanism of staffing the teaching corps of eparchies is traced, which allows identifying the trends of the teaching staff evolution. Teaching personnel composition is analyzed as a separate component of the educational sector. General characteristics of the educational activity of the clergy are improved and expanded.

Conclusions. Based on the conducted study, it is concluded that the teaching staff of parish schools, as a component of the primary education system, was under the close control of the church and school administration of eparchies and church management structures. Within the specified geographical boundaries, only Poltava eparchy had two special educational institutions, church teacher training schools (at the place of Poltava Battle and in the town of Lubny). Kharkiv province was a well-known center of church and school affairs and spread the experience of Scripture teaching to other eparchies. In Chernihiv province, the qualification of the teaching staff was being improved at the appropriate level, since the teacher courses there had certain specializations: singing, agricultural, and theological.

Church teacher training schools at the turn of the 20th century were just beginning their activity, and the First World War and atheistic Soviet propaganda did not allow them to reach the best of their potential. During their short-term existence, church teacher training schools had not managed to train the proper number of teachers for the Ecclesiastical Department schools. A great number of the church school teaching staff performed teaching activities without professional pedagogical education.


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