Trypillia Settlement Krasnostavka: to the History of Discovery and Study

Keywords: archeology, Krasnostavka, Trypillia culture, Eneolithic, history of archeology, archeological studies


The discovery of Trypillia settlement Krasnostavka was an inevitable result of quantitative and qualitative processes that continued and continue to take place in Ukrainian archeology. Its progressive development, accumulation of facts, their interpretation, and generalization with the subsequent publication of the results are perceived objectively by the existing reality.

The discovery of Trypillia settlement Krasnostavka resulted from the activity of appropriately trained specialists acquainted with the published results of the first discoveries of Trypillia culture settlements, in particular, the peculiarities of its localization. Therefore, knowledge of the geography of Uman region, the peculiarities of the territory, the watercourse of rivers significantly contributed to the formation of a network of natural objects as probable loci for exploration to find settlements of Trypillia culture on its historical territories.

The initiators of the reconnaissance trips were the employees of the Uman Museum of Local Lore. It was they who first discovered the cape at the confluence of the rivers Ruda and Konela, where they found signs typical of the settlements of Trypillia. Typical ceramic fragments and other material evidence of the existence of the settlement there were found. It should be noted that one of the participants of the trip (M.K. Yakymovych) already had experience in excavating Trypillia settlements in Kyiv region, which ultimately contributed to the effectiveness of the trip.

Next trips when the prospect holes were sunk not only confirmed the existence of the settlement locus and its approximate boundaries, they provided significant findings. Some of the found artifacts were given to the Uman Museum of Local Lore, the others – to the storage rooms of the Hermitage.

In the postwar period, Leningrad archaeologist T.D. Belanovskaia after getting acquainted with Ukrainian archeological artifacts in the Hermitage’s assemblages, continued, among other things, studying, interpreting and publishing the results, and finally established the links between the pottery of Trypillia settlements of Krasnostavka and Luka-Ustynska (now Khmelnytskyi region).

The most thoroughly and consistently Trypillia settlement Krasnostavka and similar loci were studied by the well-known Kyiv archaeologist O.V. Tsvek, who during the 70s – 80s of the 20th century sequentially studied the southwestern part of the present Cherkasy region. She disclosed the eponymy of Trypillia settlement of Krasnostavka in relation to the later discovered loci of settlements based on the similarity of the found pottery artifacts. In addition, she found out the imports of pottery from the settlements of Cucuteni culture (Moldova) and traced the similarity of pottery in the north and northwest.


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