Formation of Cherkasy Oblast and Development of Industry in the First Decade of the Newly Formed Administrative Unit

  • Serhii Korotiaiev Educational and Methodological Centre of Civil Protection and Life Safety of Cherkasy Region
  • Oksana Spirkina Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chornobyl Heroes of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine
  • Tetiana Chubina Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after Chornobyl Heroes of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine
Keywords: oblast, oblast center, industry, economic development


The reasons for the formation of Cherkasy Oblast (Region) are analyzed and the advantages of choosing the town of Cherkasy as an oblast center over such towns as Smila and Uman are explained. The plain relief of the town and its location at the intersection of transit railways, motor roads, and the Dnipro transport artery are taken into account.

The formation of a single national economic complex of the oblast in the first decade of its creation is described. Attention is paid to the activities of educational institutions in the region which provided all areas of the production sector with qualified personnel of mass professions.

The formation and rapid growth of various types of industry in the newly formed administrative unit, namely food, canning, etc. are shown. Instrument-making and mechanical engineering became the leading industries in the oblast. It is mentioned that the laid firm foundation for the chemical industry determined the economic development of the region in the future.

Particular attention is paid to the formation of the territorial production complex around the mining town of Vatutine, where open-pit coal mining took place with the help of transport and dumping bridge.

The notice is taken to the fact that despite the so-called advantages of the Kremenchuk Reservoir, its creation had irreparable consequences for both the environment and people. After its creation, it became necessary to build a dam with a bridge to connect Cherkasy with the left bank of the region.

It is noted that one of the problems of the young oblast was transport communication, especially with raions (districts) far from the oblast center. This issue was resolved in the early 1960s when Cherkasy was connected to all raions with hard surface roads. In addition, a new bus station and river port were built in the oblast center.

It is found out that the first decade of the newly formed oblast made it possible to transform Cherkasy region from an agrarian and industrial oblast into an industrial and agrarian one.


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