State-Building and Diplomatic Activity of Lonhyn Tsehelskyi during Ukrainian Revolution (1917-1921)

Keywords: Lonhyn Tsehelskyi, public and political activity, foreign policy, national liberation struggles, State Secretary


The activity of Lonhyn Tsehelskyi, a well-known Ukrainian public, political leader and statesman, is analyzed. The state and degree of this issue scientific study are clarified.

The formation of L. Tsehelskyi’s worldview and personality is traced. The little-known pages of his biography are emphasized. It is found out that the determining periods that particularly influenced the process of forming the personality of L. Tsehelskyi and his subsequent life position were his childhood and youth, especially the family environment and upbringing.

Lonhyn Tsehelskyi’s personality as a politician and public figure in the last period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire is considered. It is noted that with the beginning of the 20th century L. Tsehelskyi, to some extent moved away from activities in student organizations, and became actively involved in the work of political and public societies.

  1. Tsehelskyi’s participation in the Ukrainian National Democratic Party is described, and his ambassadorial activity is analyzed. It is emphasized that L. Tsehelskyi’s ambassadorial activity began at a time when Western Ukrainian society was in the legal field of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Thanks to his clear position and oratory skills, he exposed the anti-people policy of the imperial government, criticized and condemned Galician Moscophilia, and defended the interests and rights of Ukrainian peasants.

The state-building and diplomatic activity of L. Tsehelskyi during the years of national liberation struggles of Ukrainian people is analyzed. It is noted that among the Galician politykum L. Tsehelskyi stood out for his theoretical and political knowledge, foresight, and convincing position. From the beginning of the liberation struggle, the politician advocated the full provision of autonomy and political equality of national minorities, the realization of which could be carried out primarily by peaceful, legitimate, and legal methods.

It is noted that the period of L. Tsehelskyi’s life, connected with his state-building activity during the times of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, deserves special attention. L. Tsehelskyi was the initiator of various state and political actions, showed considerable activity in various meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, and sessions.

The social and political, scientific and cultural activity of L. Tsehelskyi in emigration to the USA is also shown. The worldview position of the scholar is traced, and his contribution to the development of the scientific, social, and political life of Ukrainian community in exile and the establishment of Ukraine-United States relations are analyzed.


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