Pushkari-1 Upper Paleolithic Flint Complex on Materials of Excavation VII

Keywords: North of Ukraine, Late Gravettian, flint complex


The paper presents the results of a typological and statistical analysis of the flint assemblage of the excavation VII of the Upper Paleolithic site Pushkari-1 (Novgorod-Siverskyi District, Chernihiv Region). A total of 36777 items of flint artifacts were obtained from a 98 m² excavation.

The debitage numbers 35,298 items (96%), represented by the following main categories: blades (16%), microblades (7%), microliths (1%) flakes (35%), debris (6%), tiny flakes (30%), ridged flakes (2.5%), burin flakes (0.5%). The knapping technique is presented by different types of cores (721 items), of which 266 items (or 37%) are fragments and debris. Among the intact cores, the majority are one-platform – 201 items (54%), two-platform are less in number – 166 items (44%), multi-platform – 2 items (5%).

A total of 1,489 items are secondarily processed, representing 4% of the whole flint assemblage. They are represented by the following types: burins (62 items, 4%), endscrapers (34 items, 2.4%), troncated blades (47 items, 3%), notched items (49 items, 3%), projectile points of large forms (158 items, 11%), and backed blades (416 items, 28%). There are also some retouched, typologically unspecified items in the assemblage – blades (550 items, 37%), microblades (115 items, 8%), and flakes (48 items, 3%) with their fragments.

The analyzed flint complex is typical for the peculiar Pushkari type of the Late Gravettian sites of the North of Ukraine, which existed at the period of the Last Glacial Maximum.


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