Development of Iraqi Navy in 1958-1973 and Kuwait Crises

Keywords: Iraq Republic, Navy, Kuwait crisis, combat motorboats, division


The paper describes the peculiar features of formation and development of Iraqi Navy from the July Revolution of 1958 to the end of the second Kuwait crisis in February-March 1973. Details are given of all warships, motorboats and auxiliary vessels delivered to Iraq from the Soviet Union as the only supplier of naval equipment to the country at that time. It is indicated that the Republic of Iraq became the first among the Persian Gulf states to have in its disposal ships – carriers of missile weapons. The activities of some commanders of Iraqi Navy, especially, Syrian citizen Ali al-Dairi, in particular, his activities to create and develop a marine culture in the country, are briefly characterized. The events of potential British aggression against Iraq in 1958, the First Kuwait crisis of 1961 and the specific actions of Iraqi Navy during the Second Kuwait crisis of 1973 are described in detail.


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