Legal Regulation of Servicemen with Disabilities Social Protection in the Context of the USSR Preparation for Big War: Source Study Discourse

Keywords: the revisionist concept of the Second World War, servicemen with disabilities, the resolution of RNK of the USSR, social protection, pensioning


The paper contains the analysis of legal bases of the Soviet system of disabled veterans social protection, the formation of which took place during the first stage of the Second World War. The powerful informative potential of Suvorov-Solonin revisionist concept and significant growth of the latest interpretation of war history source base is noted. Interconnection between the legislative resolution of servicemen with disabilities social protection and comprehensive preparation of the Soviet rule for an offensive war against Nazi Germany is proved.

Resolutions of the Council of People’s Commissars (Rada Narodnych Komisariv, or RNK for short) of the USSR № 1269 of July 16, 1940, and № 1474 of June 5, 1941, defined the contingents of servicemen disabled people which could have appeared as a result of future armed conflict. The contents of the resolutions confirm the preparation for offensive war since such contingents of future disabled veterans as volunteers, partisans, members of river ships crews the staff of regional mine clearance teams of the Society of Assistance to Defence and Aviation-Chemical Construction (Tovarystvo spryiannya oboroni, aviatsiinomu i khimichnomu budivnytstvu or TSOAVIAKhIM for short), and so on are not specified in them. It has been found out that studied government documents were not intended for the servicemen with disabilities who appeared during the local wars of 1938-1940.

In the paper it is noted that catastrophic defeats of the Red Army, loss of territories in 1941-1942 worsening of the economic situation in the country made party-government authorities pay attention to such type of social protection as the employment of disabled veterans.


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