The Church Press of the Second Half of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Century as a Source of Studying the Church History Singing in the Kyiv Eparchy

Keywords: the church periodical press, the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century, church singing, spiritual education, the Kyiv eparchy


The church singing was of great importance for the Orthodox Church, though it was the instrument of involvement of believers to the church, therefore, much attention was paid to its state.

The goal of this paper is the analysis of the most famous church publications of the Kyiv Eparchy of the second half of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century concerning church singing.

Objectives: to characterize the studied magazines, to make a thematic classification of the articles, to define the most relevant issues.

In the paper the publications of the magazines «Kievskie eparkhialnye vedomosti», «Trudy Kievskoi Dukhovnoi Akademii», «Rukovodstvo dlia selskikh pastyrei», «Tserkovno-prikhodskaia shkola», «Zapadno-Russkaia nachalnaia shkola» which told about church singing in the Kyiv Eparchy are analyzed. Much consideration is given to the most relevant issues: tuition in music and musical singing at schools, summer courses of church singing for teachers, the measures for church singing improvement in rural churches, the church choirs.

The biggest problems were with rural choirs. The level of choristers’ music literacy was often not the best, only the head of the choir (the precentor or clerk) had some education. Therefore, many efforts were made to improve such a situation: the increase in the number of parish schools and the introducing of obligatory choral singing at them, training of precentors and teachers on summer courses, publication of a technique of musical singing studying, publishing and distribution of prayer books.


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