Interdisciplinarity of the Study of Volunteering by Ukrainian and Foreign Scholars

Keywords: polydisciplinarity, volunteer movement, public, research


The paper shows the research of volunteering in various aspects. Foreign and domestic scholars who studied this issue are named. After the start of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine in 2014, volunteering reached its highest level. Significant enhancement of the role of volunteers in the society against the background increasing of the importance of European values in the country, and the intensification of democratization processes determine the relevance of the study. The purpose is to show that volunteering, from a scientific point of view, is of an interdisciplinary nature and also it is necessary to pay attention to the historical aspect of the volunteer movement. In accordance with the purpose, the following objectives have been formulated: to study the main aspects of volunteering in scientific works of domestic and foreign authors; to find out the influence of historical processes in Ukraine in the second decade of the XXI century on the activation of volunteers participation in the public-political life of the state. The paper gives the conclusions about the prospect of volunteer practice in Ukraine.

Analysis of recent researches and publications. Such a phenomenon as volunteering is the subject of scientific researches of scholars around the whole world. Foreign and domestic researches pay attention to the study of various aspects of the phenomenon of volunteering, including philosophical, sociological, political science, legal, psychological, pedagogical, economic and other ones. Scholars turn their attention to the content of volunteering: the issue of training volunteers to communicate with different categories of people, practical experience and principles of work. Consequently, the review of scientific literature on volunteering indicates that in modern historical science, there are no research works devoted to this problem. However, this activity can be studied also as a phenomenon caused by historical events that has the potential to influence the formation of a new society.

General problem statement and connection with important scientific and practical tasks. The activity of volunteer organizations, which bring innovation into the relationship between the state and citizens, has a significant impact on the development of modern Ukraine. The persistent and tireless work of volunteers becomes a significant part of the state-building process.

Scientific novelty consists in substantiation of theoretical-methodological and practical principles of volunteering under the influence of external factors, as one of the tools of the formation of civil society in modern Ukraine.

The practical significance of the obtained results consists in the fact that the studied materials will considerably increase contemporary knowledge of the recent history of Ukraine in the issues of the volunteer movement, and in the research area will form the basis for further scientific research.

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