Creative Contacts of P. Tychyna and Y. Mykhailiv on the Background of Historical Epoch of 1917-1920s

Keywords: syncretism of arts, P. Tychina, Y. Mykhailiv, collection, picture, creative contacts, cultural figures


The paper researches the nature of the syncretism of P. Tychyna's poetry and Y. Mykhailiv’s painting during the Ukrainian National Democratic Revolution. That period in the history of Ukrainian culture is considered to be a national-style rebirth.

It is established that an important role in the creation of the syncretic art played the cultural environment of creative people. In 1917-1920 Y. Mykhailiv as well as P. Tychyna, belonged to a peculiar artistic family, the so-called «Circle 9» («Hurtok 9») together with the most famous figures of Ukrainian culture: graphic artist Heorhiy Narbut, poet Mykhaylo Semenko, director Les Kurbas, composer Philip Kozytsky and art critic Oles Tsyakivsky. All of them followed the principle of syncretism in creative search.

In the research, on the example of the first collection of P. Tychyna «Solar Clarinets» (1918), the combination of poetic, musical and pictorial components in P. Tychyna's creative work is shown. It was that early poetry that approved the poet as a talented expert-synthesist.

Musical component of painting by Y. Mykhailiv is analyzed on the example of the painting «Music of the Stars». The cultural contacts of P. Tychyna and Y. Mykhailiv after the self-dissolving «Circle 9» are studied. The mutual influence and common motives of creativity of both creative people are determined through the epistolary heritage and the picture of Y. Mykhailiv «Yaroslavna's Grief», which is located in the P. Tychyna memorial museum-apartment in Kyiv.

It is established that the works of Y. Mykhailiv and P. Tychyna belong to the period of the «Executed Renaissance». However, it was in the 1930s that the paths of two geniuses completely diverged. The artist was repressed and executed by Soviet totalitarian machine in 1935, since then his artistic achievement remains almost unknown in Ukraine. P. Tychyna remained alive, holding high government positions and collaborating with the Soviet authorities.

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